Barn Door DIY Home Installation

Barn doors are an easy and inexpensive do-it-yourself project to refresh your home with a modern look.
They also can be quite practical, eliminating the space needed for a door to swing out.

Below is an actual step by step DIY install from one of our satisfied customers.
Door and track were obtained from Door Clearance Center and the included install instructions were followed.
Note the ease of install and the drastic change one door can make.

The Process

Problem: Small laundry room has 3 different doors opening into it that hit each other and minimize available space.

Solution: Install a sliding barn door! Door and track obtained from the Door Clearance Center. Also purchased a 1×4 pine board at hardware store to use as a header board.

Paint or stain the door and header board to your desired preference. Here we are using a Minwax Classic Gray. Also applied a top coat for added protection. Doing this properly was the longest part of the entire install.

Gather necessary tools.

Remove old door from frame.

Laundry room already feels more open.

Install header board to wall studs. Take the time to do this right and make sure it is sturdy. Everything is installed to this board

Install track to header board. Make sure track is very level or door will slide on its own.

Header board and track installed. Ready for the door.

Drill holes into door for hangers.

Install door hangers and anti-skip discs. 2 different hardware kit colors were used to obtain this silver on black effect.

Place door on track. The 36″ x 7’0″ barn door from Door Clearance Center perfectly covers the opening of a 32″ x 6’8″ interior door with trim.

Install hidden floor guide. Glued guide to tile with silicone caulk instead of drilling into concrete.
Fortunately the barn door from Door Clearance Center was pre-grooved at the bottom. This saved a lot of time and the need for a router.

Install door stops. The 72″ track from Door Clearance Center was the exact length needed for this opening. Almost looks custom made to fit.

Installation complete! Laundry room now has much more room and doors no longer hit on the inside.
Also adds a nice modern industrial look to the home. This easy DIY update added form and function. Not bad for 1 weekend.

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